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Hey guys! Chevelle is on the verge of having their highest charting album debut yet with La Gárgola and we have until midnight this Sunday before the final results are recorded. Aside from their own personal chart records, they’re also close to beating out some other top artists! So lets put a little rock back on the billboard charts, even if you REALLY like that one song from Frozen.

So here’s the plan: let’s get the phrase Chevelle Tops Pop trending on twitter to spread the word and hopefully sell some more copies of La Gárgola!

Why should we care about them being on the billboard charts you ask?
The higher we get on the billboard charts the more promoters and industry people take notice of our success. The higher the debut- the more popular the band. Then more shows we will be booked for us to play as the chart debut shows the level of fan support and that means more dates on tour to play for you all.  —-Sam Loeffler [x]

1) DO NOT start before the designated time. Otherwise it won’t contribute towards the trending.
2) DO NOT SPAM. PLEASE DO NOT TWEET Chevelle Tops Pop Chevelle Tops Pop Chevelle Tops Pop. It will NOT GET COUNTED. Including more than one of the phrase will not make it trend any faster, it can actually prevent the topic from trending at all because it looks like spam.
3) Unlock your accounts if they are private. You can always go back to private AFTER THE TRENDING.
4) Get as many people as possible to tweet, as it is the number of people that counts.
5) It is possible to reach a tweet limit, which will prevent you from posting any more for a period of time. So just tweet and retweet at a steady pace and do your best to keep it interesting (don’t just tweet the same thing over and over again) with each tweet contain the Chevelle Tops Pop phrase.
6) AVOID HASHTAGS. Only one hashtag gets counted and we want it to be the phrase Chevelle Tops Pop without a hashtag (#)
7) Try and avoid using the word Chevelle separately. Only use the word Chevelle once in your tweet and make sure it’s when you say Chevelle Tops Pop
8) DO NOT JUST tweet “Chevelle Tops Pop”. Add relevent conversation to that. For example: Your favorite songs/lyrics/instrumental parts/etc off the new album.
9) Retweeting is a big help (actually clicking the retweet button, not doing quoted retweets). When retweeting, make sure you’re doing the ones that are following these tips (IE not spamming, etc).

Chevelle Tops Pop
TODAY @ 3pm Central, 4pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific

I’ll be tweeting from
Let’s link back to Chevelle’s site and sell some CD’s!
You can also pick up a copy of La Gargola from Target, Best Buy, itunes, etc. As long as they are purchased by midnight tomorrow (Sunday) they will ALL count!

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